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--when a girl either unknowingly or intentionally provides a direct visual of her nani, vagina, pussy, cunt, bean!
--beanshots are visible when females wear short dresses, skirts or bikinis. most famous beanshots: picks of paris hilton/ lyndsay lohan gettin out of car. those two haole gurls are straight up skanks.
adam: ho bullay!
nick: what you fakah!
adam: bah! get plenty good kine bean shots tonite! cheee hee!
nick: U NO DAT! Alyssa was givin one mean bean shot earlier!
adam: yah bah dat fawka was mean, get white panites cheee!
by nickvdub December 25, 2007
the ejaculate of either a male or female. when you cum, when you blow a load, bust a nut etc.
(at the point of orgasm)
honey girl: ho bullay make da white sheshe!
brahdah: U NO DAT honey gurl!
by nickvdub December 26, 2007
when you, one of your brahdahs, or some other bullay be spyin for some bean shots. pervin mervins are most common at Sandy Beach Oahu on any weekend especially saturday when everybody get one hangover from gettin allbus friday night.
nick: ho bah! hows daniel fawkin one pervin mervin!
jason: ahahaha dat bullay is gettin plenty bean shots today
by nickvdub December 26, 2007

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