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the scrotum
when giving a blowjob, don't forget to lick the bean sack.
by Hairy Palmer January 24, 2003
A hispanic person. Mainly used to refer to mexicans.
Did you go to joses party?

Hell no! their were too many bean sacks!
by placebo61 March 10, 2010
A male's scrotum sack (first widely used in scottish).
"Ach noi, I ripped me beansack"
by Gerald Watt June 18, 2005
The process of placing one's testicles in the anal cavity of his partner.
This occurs after anal intercourse precisely at the moment you pull out. The anus will gape open just long enough to lower your testicals inside. If performed properly the anus will close with your testicals inside, and eureka you've performed the beansack
by Webster1987 January 09, 2016
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