When people from west-central Canada or the states nag and bully each other they call it beaking.
Let's stop beaking Billy, maybe he'll stop crying.
by Amy April 09, 2005
Top Definition
To trash talk someone to their face and make them look like an idiot in front of other people.
I was beaking Adam so hard today that he didnt know what to do about it.
by D-FED November 25, 2009
A female punching another female in the vagina, also known as a "cunt punch"
I got caught beaking Amanda during Marco Polo.
by Ziplockkk April 11, 2014
When a male with a nose of rather large proportions inserts it into an orifice, such as, and not limited to; an anus, vagina, mouth, ect. Generally it's pulled in and out much like the penis during intercourse.
Arthur told me he was beaking Angie last month at Wal-Mart, but he got too shy and ran off in the middle of it.
by Eroticus Maximus January 26, 2010
Stick your middle finger in your girls arse and your thumb in her cunt. Touch the tips of your thumb and your middle finger to make a "beak" like action. They love it.
Things were getting hot and heavy in bed. I took the opportunity to slip my middle finger in her arse, thumb in her cunt and give her a good beaking. It was then the priest asked that we leave the church service and not return (until later that day..)
by jossd January 26, 2010
To flatten ones nose by running it over with a train
Sarahs accidental beaking left her boyfriendless for several years.

Falling asleep on train tracks will get you beaked!
by jizzy baker January 05, 2010
Adj: penetration of the anus with the nose.
"I was beaking the shit out of that bird last night"
by brum and james January 27, 2010

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