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In the Warhammer 40k universe, beakie is the common name Orks use when referring to Space Marines.
Ork 1: Dem beakies is uzin dat bunka fo launchin' rokkits at ufs.
by gdeathl February 01, 2010
A bear (incredibly sexy guy) and his cookie, who despite everything the world throws at them, will love each other forever.
That hot guy and his girl must be a beakie! :)
by :) January 23, 2005
An illegal drug that is inhaled nasally, esp. cocaine.

ORIGIN: from beak; a person's nose (informal).
person 1: "Mate, mate, mate, you got any beakie left?"

person 2: "Chill out man, we've literally JUST had a line."
by nickylolzop March 20, 2010

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