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peach fuzz on the gooche
jerry-"dude i got some seriose beach fuzz"

tom-"i hate that"
by lotsobechfuzz September 22, 2008

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meaning 1: A common std derived from crabs, originating from the loch ness monster. Symptoms include but are not limited to, burning sensation in the crotchial region, a slight attraction to the same sex, and lust for those of argentinan descent. Barrels of beachfuzz can be purched for the price of three fiddy.

meaning 2: Electric discharge of the genetalia

see also - Hyptominosis
Man you gotta nasty case of beachfuzz : I cant believe this girl gave me beachfuzz : I was at the park yesturday and contracted some beachfuzz
by DasBoost January 26, 2007