Birth Control Boobs- When a girl with relatively small boobs starts taking birth control and them thangs inflate like hot air balloons. Nothin better than some grade A birth control boobies. Any guy that says otherwise is a fudge packer.
"DAMN, that skinny bitch used to have -A cups and now she's a C!"

"I'm tellin you man she's got those prime BCB's!"

"Ahh, what a country we live in"

"Yes sir"
by The Griz Brotherhood August 27, 2009
Top Definition
Black Cock Bob
A Bob is a women's haircut in which the back is cut at a shorter length than the front. A group of friends in Harrisburg, Pa noticing that many white women who prefer black men, had this bob hairstyle so they coined the term black cock bob(BCB)
"Man, she has a BCB, I bet she likes black guys."

"There are a lot of BCB's in this club, if you're black, you're getting phone numbers."
by The Wolf pack February 10, 2014
BCB is an acronym for "Bone Crushing Bitches." It is a well respected New York City girls crew, established in early July of 2006. BCB consists of tough, beautiful, classy, young women mainly of the Punk, Skin, and Psychobilly subcultures.
I wish I was a BCB girl...
by 7304BCB October 08, 2007
Be Cool Bitch. Meant for a bitch who needs to chill the fuck out
Tammy: oh my god I think this shirt makes me look fat.

Rachael: BCB, it looks fine.
by TrannyBoyCock June 10, 2014
Also known as Butt Crack Boy. This acronym originated from a conversation a girl was having with a guy as they were talking about being paid for services. A miraculous idea popped into the guy's head as he tried putting money down her pants. As amazed as she was by his stupidity, she decided to establish a nickname for him known as BCB. The female version of the name is called BCG, for Butt Crack Girl.
Person 1: "Are you taking a dump?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I've lost 3 pounds already!"
Person 1: "You're such a BCB."
by Samosa Lover May 14, 2014
Brown Coat Bitches. Plain and simple. A gang of 3 pimpin bitches from Pottstown that wear brown coats and go around stealin up shit, smokin weed, gettin krunk, and gettin caught.
B.C.B. CAN fucken get MONEY.
by Ashlee, Crystal, Nicole March 27, 2008
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