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Birth control Bitch
Wow my girl is such a bcb!
by ashhole200 April 22, 2009
52 34
Black Cock Bob
A Bob is a women's haircut in which the back is cut at a shorter length than the front. A group of friends in Harrisburg, Pa noticing that many white women who prefer black men, had this bob hairstyle so they coined the term black cock bob(BCB)
"Man, she has a BCB, I bet she likes black guys."

"There are a lot of BCB's in this club, if you're black, you're getting phone numbers."
by The Wolf pack February 10, 2014
14 0
BCB is an acronym for "Bone Crushing Bitches." It is a well respected New York City girls crew, established in early July of 2006. BCB consists of tough, beautiful, classy, young women mainly of the Punk, Skin, and Psychobilly subcultures.
I wish I was a BCB girl...
by 7304BCB October 08, 2007
62 61
Birth Control Blubber
"That girl still has some baby fat"

"No its just BCB"
by BCB BITCH February 04, 2013
3 4
Brown Coat Bitches. Plain and simple. A gang of 3 pimpin bitches from Pottstown that wear brown coats and go around stealin up shit, smokin weed, gettin krunk, and gettin caught.
B.C.B. CAN fucken get MONEY.
by Ashlee, Crystal, Nicole March 27, 2008
5 9
An acronym for Ben's Chili Bowl, a popular Washington, D.C., landmark and excellent place to see booty, eat half-smokes, chili dogs, cheese fries, chili cheese fries, and chili burgers. Best enjoyed when blazed and drunk, which is easy since it's conveniently located near all the gully shit on U St.
damn, son, you see that thick badonkadonk at BCB last night? shit was so fly I dropped my chili half-smoke.
by redskinsbwoi October 11, 2007
36 40
Brains, Courage, Body
Marco Rubio got that BCB.
by Chulita(; August 02, 2011
2 7