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bbwl means -Be Back way later
I'm going to the beach today. Be back way later
by djgfj August 04, 2005

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Be back way later.
1: "wait brb."
2: "ok"
1: "..."
2: "......"
1: "i believe your brb is going to be bbwl"
by tshih February 22, 2009
This is a texting term commonly used in reference to a party, or a party situation meaning; "Be Back With Liquor" (BBWL). Obviously alerting party goers that they will be responsible for purchasing the party's drinks.
-Ms. Chapman: Lindsay, you can't throw a party now; You just got off house arrest.
-Lindsay: Oh bitch shut the hell up already, im leaving; BBLW

Guy1: Dude were low on brewskies, what are we gunna do?
Guy2: Ok, don't worry i'm going to run down the street right now; BBWL.
by The Green Reaper August 11, 2011