Big Butt Syndrome.

Doesn't always mean the girl has a big butt currently, but after you check out her mom, you know you're in trouble.
That girl is hot.....except for that bbs.
by Argo February 06, 2004
brain benders suck
i hate math, bbs
by fruitcake December 14, 2003
builders bum syndrome
omg that guy has got really bad BBS!!!
by monika smith July 27, 2005
B B's is shortend for bad bitch or bad bitches
them girls are straight b b's
by February 01, 2006
Bloody Bogies. When you pick your nose and you pull out a red one.
when you pick your nose and you pull out a bogie with blood on it (and i mean a real slimey squiggy bogie all bloody) keep it on your finger but dont show anyone. Then, go up to your mate and say "ive got B B's" he/she will reply in confusement "what are B B's?" you then shove your finger with the bloddy bogie on it right infront their face and say "Bloody Bogies" (in a loud, childish and querky manner) then wait for the responce.
by Ni-a-cin July 27, 2005
1.Basic Bull Shit
2.Bunch of Bullshit
Person 1: What are you doing today?
Person 2: Same BBS
Person 1: My boyfriend said he got me a diamond ring. That is BBS
Person 2: I know. Why would he tell you such BS?
by Darkstar1071 September 12, 2015

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