Short for 'burning ball syndrome'. Many times is a case of jock itch. However, may also be a symptom of a std (get it checked son). Common amongst athletes and beach gowers (sand in the shorts, ouch). If you get bbs, gold bond powder is your best friend. Frequent sufferers of bbs generally keep gold bond in their locker or bathroom.
Ex 1: "Dude, I was free-balling it at the beach this weekend and got a wicked case of bbs."

Ex 2: (Girl) "What's that on your nuts?" (Guy) "Don't stop baby. It's just some bbs."
by albert007 June 15, 2007
male equivalent of PMS. stands for blue ball syndrome. when a guy is very horny and he has "blue balls" and gets very annoying because of the hormones.
Matt: hahahahaha im so annoying!
Me:dude you need to go shoot one off because you are totally bbs-ing
by sillyindian October 20, 2008
Abbreviation for bored bronson syndrome. Can apply to non bronsons but this is where the term originated (from minnesota at least).

Its when one of your friends(who might have attention problems) become bored, and will either punch you in random spots or just make random insults. More of an annoyance, it can be treated by simply saying "bbs" and your friend will usually get pissed off at you but will halt his offensive gestures to avoid more humiliation.
God I wish he would just grow up and stop getting bouts of BBS.

Bronson: *Punches you in the arm*
Me: lol, BBS
Bronson: WTF i told you not to tell other people!! *punches you more*
Friends arond me: LOL, BBS.

Me: Don't gay guys get pms like every month like chicks?
Jason: lol no
Me: well what do they get?
Jason: BBS? only more often than a month
by 696969696969 November 15, 2007
Blue Ball Syndrome. Some girl that is a total cocktease, that you get Blue balls from
Yeah ive been after this girl for a month, she gives me mad BBS
by Y4NK33S R 1 May 01, 2005
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