BBFL = Best Buds For Life


BBFL = Bum Boys For Life
1. Those to are so BBFL
2. Those Queers are Well BBFL
by February 12, 2007
The acronym for "best bros for life" or "best bros 4 lyfe"; a friendship status that defines ultimate broship between two individuals.
Bro 1: Dude we eat ice cream the same exact way.
Bro 2: No freaking way, bro.
Bro 1: ...I think this makes us bbfl's.
Bro 2: Bro. totes.
by bonerbro234 August 06, 2011

like a best friend for life but better
This girl right here, she is so amazing; we are totally bbfl's
by levina michelle January 07, 2011
Bad boys for life...its not complicated
bbfl-We ain't, go-in nowhere, we ain't, goin nowhere
We can't be stopped now, cause it's Bad Boy for life - P. Diddy
by yea im da best February 15, 2008
Acronym: Butt Buddies For Life
Two guys who enjoy eachothers anal pleasure for life.
"Dude you are my BBFL!"
"Hell yea! Let's go do it in the bathroom!"
by pipivagina September 06, 2009
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