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this stands for Bonfires, Beers, and Bitches (Babes)
Hey Jim, are you ready for some BBB?
by countrymasters May 15, 2010
2 22
Bad Bad Bad as in lousy, crappy
This radio programme is bbb, I think I'll watch television.

Who's up for football?
by Binfordman August 26, 2008
0 20
Pronounced "triple b"
A girl lacking in one or more specific properties:
Busted: Physical Attractiveness (total lack of)
Budget: Financial Security (again, total lack of)
Broke: Cultural Refinement (you get the pattern)

Barbaric: The X factor, reserved for only the most extreme circumstances.
Dude, that chick you hooked up with last night was sooo bbb.
by Joe4321 February 03, 2007
1 23
british, blonde and beautiful
I get giddy every time she talks because she's bbb. She's not interested though. =(
by tr- September 02, 2006
2 24
BBB meaning Big Beautiful Boobies
This can also be used as a term ==> triple B

Used in a sentence: Her BBB's are so bountiful, her chest is a triple B treat.

Women can use the acronym BBB as a description of their chest size. Usually a C cup and Larger.
Example 1- Im 5'2, brunette, and have BBB's.
Example 2 - Im 5'2, brunette and my titties are a triple B threat.

Come suck on my BBB's while I jack you off.
by solaris123 June 12, 2010
25 48
An akranym for the term, "Beautiful Brown Boy". Females seeking any type of generally tan males, can refer to that male as a BBB. a "BBB" can range any where from a sunkissed tan white guy, to an italian man, to a half black man, to a full blown african american man. this akranym was invented by Nikki & Emma.
look at that BBB! dang!!
by NikkiBaby January 09, 2010
2 25
Brass bra babe

Stereotypical depiction of females in early science-fiction pulp magazines.
The BEM (Bug Eyed Monster) is after that BBB.
by sidjaggi December 13, 2005
2 25