Short For bye-bye
I got to go school now, bb.
by laurits1 May 06, 2010
Big Boy
Look at this massive BB, I bet they're walking to McDonalds.
by MumblesJoesIceCream May 03, 2010
Bikini Body
She's working out at the gym everyday to get her bb for this summer.

She wants a bb to get with HBGs during the summer.
by cheetah gretto0 June 24, 2010
stands for big boobs.
Derek: "Yo Kirov! How was that girl last night?"
Kirov: "Damn! Her bb was incredible... Up until I saw that huge cock underneath..."
by Milkmonster February 01, 2010
spanish slang word for "bebe"
te querio bb
by mamideivan August 15, 2009
Abbreviation for Bourgeois Bitch, but not really have anything to do with being bourgeois, or being a bitch.

A woman who has reached such a level of self-worth and self-awareness that she cannot be defined by others.
BB's for life!

Ya'll some BB's!! Grrrr

Dannnggg, cuz!! The BB's are smart, sessy, and confident! They runnin ish!!
by BB#1 February 21, 2010
stands for Bye Bye. It's used more in the European gaming arena than in North America.
Flash: gotta Go
Sr Timbo: bb
Flash: cya
by Flash[ZD] May 08, 2009

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