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A crappy city East of Houston that has absolutely nothing to do or see except for a mediocre mall in which half of the stores are either closed or run by asians.
At least you dont live in baytown
by D of Tejas July 12, 2008
A horrible black hole of a town. it sucks you in and it is almost impossible to break it's hold on you. it is full of worthless men and stupid women. The few good people are always trying to get out. AKA DirtyBay
God i can't wait to get out of Baytown
by TattoodMom August 03, 2008
the ultimate low of existence
i'd rather shit myself than be a baytown.
by mirbryant July 25, 2008
Baytown is a city that is on the East end of the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. It is populated by people who are generally employed in the petrochemical industry and work in the refineries located in and near Baytown. These people are known to be generally hardworking, if somewhat unsophisticated. Many of these people could be called hillbillies or swampers. Trailer trash is commonly seen in and around the Baytown area. Sometimes these people are referred to as "refinery trash."
1. Dude, lets go to Baytown. We can hang out at the Sonic and pick up on some chicks who are really trailer!

2. I'm glad I made it out of Baytown alive, the belligerents driving their lifted pickup trucks were in a huge hurry to get back to the trailer park to climb on the old lady!

3. My girlfriend is special. She lives in Baytown and doesn't have a tattoo. Yet.
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010
the most magical town with good mexican food.
food, unicorns, chemicals, parks, cheap, baytown, crowded, middle class.
by mandymo August 26, 2008
place where shit never happens
Yeah i went to baytown and the shits gay.
by marcus....of baytown July 11, 2008

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