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An ebonics expression for a person who regularly baols out of control, derived from the English word boss. The word itself is an incredibly powerful and effective way to describe someone's demeanor or behavior, indicating that they represent the highest echelon of gangsta. For a better explanation, listen to Slim Thug's track "Like a Boss".
Slim Thug:
Hah! You see this rock hanging on my pinkie ring?
I'm respected in these streets, they treat me like a King
I get accepted like family, your house is my house
I guess that's why they call me Slim Thug the Bawss
Casual listener:
Holy shit, what a bawss.
by baolingoutofcntrlol August 22, 2006
the state of being bawssly; to be a boss; super awesome and the head (boss) of everyone else.
highest level on the boss system
Person A: Yess! i got 100 on science!

Person B: Like a BAWWSSS

Person A: Dude, you dropped ur pencil case. That's not like a bawss; thats like and employee!
by likeAsuperduperbawwsiboss December 07, 2009
Bad Ass Winner Staying Sexy
NotABawss: look at that dude getting all the ladies

AlsoNotABawss: I know, what a Bawss
by ProbablyNotABawss December 30, 2011
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