1. Crying uncontrollably (rare)
2. Spending extravagant amounts of my "cheese" on shiny objects and over weight females.
3. Having a large amount of money on your person at any given time.
4. Just plain awesome.
5. Consisting of or resembling hair: moss of a hairy texture.
6. Shaving your gouche on a Thursday while high on cocaine during 1980.

1. Why is my bitch bawling like a cat that just had its paw cut off.
2. That rapper is bawling! He just paid $200 to get his whore's nails did.
3. I have $40 bucks on me. BAWLING!
4. Barney Stinson. It's going to be LEGEN... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second part is ..DAIRY.
5. That chick's face looks bawling.
6. I was bawling with Dirt Nasty until the stock market plummeted. Year 1980 (MCMLXXX) was a leap year starting on Tuesday.
by M.T.G. August 15, 2008
Top Definition
crying your eyes out because some thing terrible bad happened to you, espescially if its like someone you like that turns you down
i was bawling so much when i found out that he didnt like me
by cookie October 22, 2004
Absolutely hysterically crying
Mia and Kelly were bawling during Radio, which is the best movie ever!
by Kelly November 07, 2003
Crying your eyes out and nothing and no one can cajole you off the floor where you are thumping your fists.
Like, I was totes bawling when my bestie who is also my housie leaves the, like, country.
by Hani Giraffe November 17, 2011
Doing well at a computer gaming tournament due to the use of energy drinks (like BAWLS).
"John was totally bawling at that LAN party!"
by t0xxic September 07, 2007
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