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An insult implying that the person in question has two scrotums in their mouth. One who is not very clever or bright.
Haw bawjaws gonny no dae that
by aunty April 11, 2006
A term from Scotland. An idiot talking rubbish. Baws-testicles.
"Shut it Baw Jaws", "Away you n' boil yer heed baw jaws"
by Andy Gardner July 01, 2007
Someone who enjoys, or takes part in, the insertion of testicles into their facial recepticle.
i.e my baws, your mouth
Someone who is acting like a fanny or a retard and deserves to be verbally abused or a greeting used between close friends.
"What are ya doing ya absolute baw jaw!"

"Oright there baw jaw."
by Lewis McCruden October 25, 2007
its an insult which doesnt really have a definition it can mean many things
shut it bawjaws ur such a bawjaws
by Siobhan Bery n Steff Horne April 05, 2005
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