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Bend over my friend because this test is about to give you a baumer.
by Jumpoff October 21, 2004
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1) a clown
2) a fool
3) one who acts superior to others
4) one who lies about benefits/ attributes to make others happy for him/ impressed by him/ proud of him/ intimidated by him
5) one with body parts (legs, arms, lips, etc.) that are extra long and lanky to intimidate others
This damn joke has been Baumering me all day and its really aggravating!

I can't stand all the Baumering, it makes me stupider!

He is such a Baumer!
by Jbweedler April 23, 2011
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N. Slang for the biggest badass from SoBe to Tennessee. A true balla that holds it down for all those caucasions out there that gots da skills on the dance flo'. A real player & an all in all smooth operator. Often seen wearing a hat...that I look better in than him. Usually, his coolness is just too much for others to handle... People, even strangers, show him much awe & respect for his mad dance moves. Give the Baumer some room to break lose, but don't challenge him. Acts of dance aggression are not taken to kindly & will require the Baumer to kick your ass.
Person 1: Who's that guy with all the hot ladies on the dance floor?
Person 2: Oh, him? He gets all the honies cuz he's the Baumer!
Whoa! That guy's unstoppable! NO ONE could beat him in a dance-off. Hmm... must be Baumer!
by The one & only "Balla Baby" January 25, 2005
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Dr. Baumer loses at badmitton.
by B'jackoff October 21, 2004
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1. Totally stupid and gay in the worst possible degree. Ultimately disgraceful, and cause for immediate death.
(taking its roots from the GS era)
Ellio: TA sucks my nuts..
Tom: Seriously dude.. you so fucking Baumer..
by FobosProbato October 28, 2004
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