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Flamboyent black Male
Chi Chi Maun
Eddie front cover Reid....
Enjoys licking bananas that have condoms on them.
Thinks he is a warrior
by Stephanie December 06, 2004
29 37
1. A jamaican term for one who is a male homosexual. A concatenation of the jamaican words for the human posterior (batty) and man.
Don't go in the bar with the rainbow flag. Is bare battyman een deh.
by neochin June 17, 2004
296 57
Derogatry term about a gay man. Origniated in Jamaica. Also known as digiman or Ja rule.
Don't touch me you battyman!
by Darealpimp July 20, 2003
225 48
A jamacian vernacular to describe Homesexuals
You see dem to Battyman walkin down de road all hug up!!
by D Thurin October 01, 2005
151 33
Jamaican /N. London patois slang for a homosexual
Leava 'im man 'e's a blatant battyman
by piffy June 12, 2003
134 39
one who is gay, homosexual,or chichi
Tom Hanks plays a batty man in the movie Philadelphia.
by acolyte October 24, 2003
134 45
by Anonymous December 28, 2002
84 23
Orginated from Jamaica meaning gay. Batty is the word for bottom, so battyman is protraying a man who loves bottom. It is also use as an insult in the same way as 'faggot'.
look how he walks, I tink him is a battyman
by adriot June 09, 2009
38 2