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A battle wagon is any type of makeshift vehicle that is epic enough to be titled as such. The more epic a battle wagon is, the more likely it is to be spelled with all caps. In order for it to be a true battle wagon, the operator or rider of the makeshift vehicle must yell, "BATTLE WAGON!!!" at the top of his/her lungs while it is in motion. Although most battle wagons are ill-considered for actual battle, the mere battle cry of the battle wagon is enough to cause the foes of its rider to quake in terror.
Jenn: What are you guys doing?!
by KennyB23 April 29, 2010
A station wagon that has been modified to accept duties of extreme driving. This includes but is not limited to Jeep trails, deep water, deep mud, steep hills, etc.

A perfect example would be the 1996-1999 Subaru Legacy Outback.
The battle wagon did great on the trip.
by broknindarkagain May 21, 2012
Term for naval battleships. Also spelt as battlewagon and battle-wagon.
The USS Arizona, BB-39, is one of the most famous USN battle wagons.
by Doc blueside December 26, 2011