A fictional character of DC Comics who resides in a fictional world known as Gotham City. By day he is Bruce Wayne; a popular and wealthy businessman that heads 'Wayne Enterprises'. By night he is the vigilante known as Batman; a man determined to rid the city of crime and avenge his parents' death doing it.
Batman works fine on his own, he doesn't need that pussy fruitcake Robin tagging along.

by TwentyFour November 09, 2007
As you pump your partner with your Batsword and your nearing orgasm, start to sing the the words to the original 50's tv show. As your get closer and closer to completion get louder and louder. And when that the moment arrives to shoot your batgoo Shout !!BATMAN!!
by the real sweet-a-bix July 03, 2010
when you give a girl a facial, and you cum in her hair, u stick some of the hair up like batman ears. if there is excess cum, use it to white out her eyes.
i totally batmaned that hoe last night
by huskies12 April 29, 2010
A variation of the teabag when you hang from somewhere (such as a doorframe) putting your nuts at eye level with the person to be batmanned. You then proceed to place your nuts on the person's head as normal for a teabag.
John totally batmanned Kristen when she walked into the breakroom!
by Crackershinobi June 27, 2009
Combination of the words "Bat" and "Man" meaning:

a. a guy that holds a bat (in Baseball)

b. a creature that combines characteristics of both species with variants including "Batwoman", "Batboy", "Batgirl" etc.

c. a fictiotional character you might have heard of that is made fun of in Urban Dictionary by lame definitions

Batman turns 70 years old in May
by Anonymous_22x2 April 27, 2009
Not any, nor ever will be a teenage boy. As most teenage boys who claim to be, in fact, have tiny penises. They tend to drive over compensating pickups, or gay white cars.
Nobody who for a to RRCA is Batman.
by bepbipbop July 07, 2010
The act of crouching over your sleeping partner and pleasuring oneself whilst wearing the duvet/bedsheets like a cape.
Robertos: Me and my woman had THEE best morning sex today!

Randy: Shame, mine was asleep, I had to settle with a Batman.

Robertos: Sweet!
by Sir Randy Fernandez November 15, 2010
When a girls cleavage is rocking and it makes the shape of batwings. Showing alot of boobs or cleavage. A way to warm people their showing too much boob.
"Nicci, Batman dude!"

"Oh sorry lemme fix that"

"no....its cool..."
by Ms.Mae November 15, 2009
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