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Batkin is a word that has hewbrew and slavic origins. The prefix "bat" comes from the old hewbrew word for village, and the suffix "kin" represents old slavic for perversion. So when combined, the word literally means village perversion. It has evolved through time, and in modern context Batkin, is a word that describes many things. This word can be changed to describe bliss, imprudence, foolishness, hatred, humor, sincere character along with numerous other things.
Here are some examples:

“That was batkin like” –meaning a stupid action

“Oh wait you are not batkin” – a joke used to point out that the individual is not stupid after all

“It has a Batkinnesque feel to it” – A feeling of superior stupidity

“Batkinism” – the theory of idiocy
by Michael F to the V January 10, 2005
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