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A shoe company, also known as BAPE, based in Japan. They specialize in hip-hop and urban stylings.
I got me some bathing apes.
by Pastor T-Love October 13, 2007
63 31
Something that Soulja Boy has and haters are angry about his possession of them. They are presumably primates in the shower, but the real origin is unknown.
Haters getting mad 'cause I got me some bathing apes.
by Danny Zeff March 21, 2008
431 157
originaly started as Nike Air Force one knock offs, now have become popular. Made in Japan. aka BAPE or BABE STAs
new jack: "fresh kicks dude! what they are?"
me: "preciate it, their bathing apes..."
by Lee M. March 28, 2006
280 156
amazing, yet EXTREMLY expensive shoes.
"haters getting mad cause i got me some bathing apes!" -soulja boy
by shg5jundsxfa October 24, 2007
225 125
A type of gangster shoe. It has a star on it.
Also known as "Bapes" for short term.
It is said in Crank Dat Soulja Boy by Soulja Boy.
"Hayters get mad 'cause, I got me some bathing apes!"
by Kokomo November 10, 2007
151 88
nice kicks, shoes, jackets
Soulja Boy "Man guess what I just got".
Areb "What you get Soulja Boy".
Soulja Boy "Man I got me some bathing' apes".
by Sam Deezy September 09, 2007
3 11
the long version of "BAPES"
"I got me some bathing apes"
by VICECITY October 27, 2007
55 81