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When one gets to the point of inebriation usually felt at the end of a heavy nights drinking.....before actually going out for a heavy nights drinking. Only at the end of this kind of jaunt, can one be seriously considered as being Batfaced.

1) (At around 3am, one may quote) "Those three bottles of wine that I consumed before going out drinking have got me rather Batfaced"

2) To get an idea of the state that a Batfaced person may be in, try doing an impression of a bat sucking a lemon.
by matcuu February 05, 2007
wasted, drunk, or stoned
i' got batfaced on friday after drinking 20 pints
by will February 24, 2004
a comment you make to friends concerning the realisation that you are all about to get completely fucked.
Perosn 1 "what we doing now?"
Person 2 "going to get absolutely batfaced"
by PNLBKBCABSCTP December 17, 2011
Really really drunk. As drunk as a skunk. Pissed off your head.
Dude! You were soooo bat faced last night. Are you gonna back the truck up tonight?
by TommyTeaCosy July 30, 2009
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