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penis with ears
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
meaning both kinky and slightly dirty, the first use of this word I encountered was in the "Tank Girl 2" graphic novel.
"- Oh Booga you dumb shit, can't you feel that immense rush of sexual healing?..

- Oooh?! Yes that is rather batey! Oooooh? AAH!..."
by k3ik0 February 24, 2005
Batey, meaning obvious trick or prank, the person that falls for a 'batey' is gullable or niave, in my personal experience they are usually fat or spotty.
'To fall for a Batey' meaning to fall for an obvious prank or trick.
by JA1 December 17, 2007
A kid with a HUGE nose and a prepubescent girlfriend who eats things that don't belong to her, and has been known to lay a Jew egg or two from time to time.
The other day, I ran into Batey, and his Jewish Girlfriend stole my jewelry.
by Shawn Batey August 01, 2007
morgin rader iz gay and he likes little
by john batey January 30, 2003