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To masturbate to another person that you've personally met, generally without them knowing.
See that cocktail waitress over there, I'm going to bate-rape her soo bad tonight!
by Joey, Justin, Jeffrey February 19, 2006
Telling a girl, preferably one who finds you to be a creep/unattractive, that you've masturbated to her. A play-on-words from "date rape".
guy: You were on my mind all night, allison.
girl: You keep bate raping me and your testicles will not be found again.
by Blackbird February 06, 2005
similar to masturrape, bate rape means to masturbate to someone or their pictures, or to think about them while you masturbate.
i bate rape my crush every night
by xaxaxa June 25, 2010
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