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Default font for the Korean typing program for Microsoft Office XP. Makes it look traditional and sharp. A very nice font indeed...
"Batang makes my Hangul Korean characters look super cool."
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
4 8
a malay slang for penis
Besarnya batang kau! (what a big dick!)
by hash January 23, 2004
16 13
A word used to describe the ferocity of babies dressed in panda costumes. First used on the planet of Centauropia by centaur nobles to describe the innate enemy of the centaur people.
That panda baby exercises great batang.
by Andrew Holt December 21, 2004
4 7
The shooting of a pistol at a bitch muther fuck, and also gang code for having a secret obsession with train bridges.
"Yo bitches jump.....batang batang!!" or in the words other meaning "whoo homie, withdrawing from batang, hope we cross one soon on the old stockport to macc route!!"
by Richie C December 08, 2003
6 10