Commonly known for range of sound from 80 hz to 20 hz, this is the very low end of the human hearing range.

Not to be confuesed with

Below 20Hz sounds = Infrasonic.

Above 20,000Hz = ultrasonic.

Hey that new song has good sounding bass line.


Hey your system has good bass output.
by micb July 06, 2003
Short for either the bass guitar (also known as the "electric" bass) or the upright bass (also known as "bass fiddle", "double bass", "contrabass", "string bass", or "acoustic bass"). Although different in design, both of these musical instruments essentially serve the same role: providing a low bottom-end to the music and a link between the rhythm and lead sections of a band. Though plenty of exceptional players have shown that the bass can additionally be a versatile lead instrument in its own right.
"At night I could hear the bass reverberate through the neighborhood. The guitars and drums were muffled, but the bass traveled everywhere. I loved that, and wanted to have the power to shake buildings. Also, the bass was big and manly; guitars were little and wimpy, with these thin little strings that looked like Velveeta cheese cutters." - Billy Sheehan
by Bill M. August 30, 2004
The most underestimated, but most awesome and coolest sounding instrument in a rock band. The reason people degrade bassists is because it looks easy. infact its not.. the best bassists make it look easy. Guitarists are usually seen cooler than the bassists. But anyone who says that bassists are failed guitarist should probably get brutally beaten up..
I chose to play bass because its more fun, sounds cooler, and is also more harder to master than guitar.
basses were very large and were from orchestras until the 1950's when someone was actually smart enough to make an electric bass which is much smaller

by worm9480 March 03, 2008
(Also see "bass guitar", if you're looking up the kind of fish, sorry)

The bass is a stringed instrument; they are modeled to have 4 strings (Tuned to E-A-D-G), 5 strings (B-E-A-D-G), 6 strings (B-E-A-D-G-C), and even up to 15 strings... although the usual bass you'd see have 4-5 strings (4-stringed being the basic).

There are two types of bass guitars-
#1 is the acoustic upright/violin/double bass (which is the size of an obese adult and would weigh half as much as one.

#2 is the electric bass which is much lighter, much smaller, and much louder than the double bass- which because of that, it replaced the double bass and the cello.


Compared to a regular guitar, the bass has a longer neck and thicker strings, making the frequency lower than what a guitar could reach. In technique, the bassist has to concentrate more on where to place his/her fingers on the fingerboard than what string to pluck. This would mean that the bass is easier to learn but is harder to master than a guitar.

Also, since the bass can produce a low level of Megahertz and if it's at a high volume, this means you can FEEL the rumbling every time you strike a note, and since that the neck is very long, it makes an awesome chick-magnet!

TAKE NOTE!-- Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, abuse the bass by striking a few random, repeating notes and let the rumble do all the work just to get yourself laid. Grab some discapline and learn what it means to play the bass, get a teacher, be more intuned with your favorite music. I seen and heard enough halfwits in parties and the radio repeating the same few notes on a B-tuned string with a bunch of 15 year old girls watching, be more open-minded than that.
The reason why I love the bass is because it's an underestimated and underrated instrument. And the people who hate or think the bass guitar and bassist are worthless are either
A) dumbasses who don't know what real music is
B) tools who needs to take a fucking musical theory class
C) retards who think that the bass is an inferior form of the guitar (even though they both have very different backgrounds)
basicly a 4 string low guitar tuned E,A,D,G and way better insturment than a guitar.sounds and looks way better too(my opinion).
listin to billy sheehan play bass
by fudgehole November 10, 2005
1) A far more sophisticated, fun, and powerful instrument evolving from the upright jazz bass shaped like a guitar, oftenly cosisting 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 12 strings. Used in most modern music and hardly given any recognition, the bass produces low-end sounds and notes used often to provide rhythm along with percussion instruments or backup to another instrument, such as an electric guitar.

2) What the idiot ghetto kids at your school refer to as a guitar, think electric varieties can produce sound when not plugged in, see as an "evil" instrument used in heavy metal music worshipping Satan, and view only as a tool to get you laid, which is just an added bonus.
Some famous bass players include Flea, Jaco Pastorius, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, and Ginger Baker.
by DexterSR300DX April 06, 2003
what kim deal plays with the pixies.

what d'arcy played with smashing pumpkins.

what lorna doom played in the germs.

what kim gordon plays in sonic youth.

what melissa auf der maur plays.

what kristen pfaff played in hole.

what carol kaye plays.

what gail greenword played in belly.

what jeniffer finch played in L7.

what jill emery plays in mazzy star.

what kim chi played with the distillers.

what tina weymouth played with talking heads.

what kelley deal played with the last hard men.

what all the cool girls play.
"the best bands in the world have female bassists." - ted, brave new girl.
by the she February 23, 2005

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