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One who ditches his friends, and inevitably loses them to spend time with his girlfriend/boyfriend.
1. "Is Ashley coming out tonight?"
2. "No the twats being a sheehan again."
by William Branche May 26, 2008
A sheehan is someone who ditches their friends for their girlfriends constantly. This is referred to as sheehaning. Other types of sheehaning include:
Making plans with you friends and cancelling them for your girlfriend.
Ignoring your friends and only speaking to your girlfriend.

The worst sheehan is a sheehan who wont admit he's a sheehan
1."Is MC Bater coming out tonight?"
2."No, Hes Sheehaning"
1."What a Sheehan"
by KingOfSheehans June 30, 2009
To give the shocker to a girl to get her away from you.
Jay couldn't get the girl off of him so he had to sheehan her to set himself free.
by sunny ye February 26, 2009
A weird shocking pedophile. Originally located in the Middle-East, in 1904. There is no evidence of this horrific creature to be found.
Look out for Sheehan if you go walking at night in the middle east.
by henry09 October 31, 2008
Sometimes called Shit'n.
A boy who is best friends with Rachael.
Sometimes a Sheehan gets annoying
but everyone still loves him.
A Sheehan cracks me up.
He calls me alot. :/
Sheehan, stop being so being so god damn conceited!
by Rachila September 03, 2008
a filthy cunt who rambles on about something they know nothing about.
My bitch tried talkin to me about sports, so I slapped her ass and told her to stop being a sheehan.
by D4theD October 19, 2005
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