The Basque people are very interesting and intelligent people. They are smart because they keep to themselves and resent smelly French and gay Spainards. They formed ETA the Euskadi ta Askatana(sorry to any basque on the spelling) which is the group who fight for the land. There might be a famous Basque celebrity, Carlos Alzaraqui of Reno 911! The name sounds Basque. The Gipsy Kings also sometimes sing in Basque.
The Basque should continue to bomb the Spanish, who are utterly gay with their jizzy paella, tainted red wine, and stupid singers(i.e. Las Ketchup and Los Del Rio)
by anonymous November 16, 2004
Another name for Mexican
"Were never gonna get all this yard work done. Lets go down to Home Depot and hire some Basque people.
by Sickboy1031 September 09, 2008
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