The phrase has its roots in WW2. When a soldier came into a medical facility with a limb or multiple limbs detatched from his body, the nurses would call the patient a "basket case". As in they had to bring the soldier to them in a basket.

Modern day usage is to describe someone that is in need of extreme assistance(mental or physical).
Well Marge they brought in another basket case, a grenade blew off his legs.
by Harvey March 08, 2005
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When a given situation has no solution.
It makes reference in the form of a parabola to someone who has lost his mental health and has no cure.
It is said that people without cure to a mental disease used to be sent to a mental health care facility for life where they would manufacture baskets for the rest of their lives.
The economoy of Nicaragua is such a basket case.
Peter smokes two packs a day, he is such a basket case
by Pablo Arce September 18, 2004
Sometimes percieved as an insult, usually a stereotype or label.

A basketcase is common word used to describe a social outcast in school. Some characteristics of a basketcase included emotional instability, weirdness, and constant isolation from mainstream society. A basketcase is often independent and isolationist, in other words, anti-social.

This word was widely used in the 80s. Like most slang prior to the 90s, it has fallen into disuse. Today, a basketcase can be categorized in three groups known as the goth, emo, and punk.
"You are such a basketcase!" - Random Prep
"I know, I don't follow the trend, you got a problem with that?" - Basketcase
by HaXor Dude February 20, 2005
1) Someone who is going mad or on the verge of a nevous brakedown.
2) A Green Day song sung by the one and only Billie Joe Armstrong. Arguably one of the great Green Day songs, if not one of the great songs of the 90's.
1) He is such a basket case.
2) Be quiet, I am listening to Basket Case.
by jazzpup February 14, 2005
someone whos emotions are filled with anxiety and obsession
Any mother would be a basket case if they found out their child was hit by a car.
by Gerard Irick August 05, 2009
some one that has a bunch of problems and mental and phycoloically
That girl has been such a basket case since she was dumped by her boyfriend.
by frix December 27, 2006
a very nervous and distraught person(Formerly used to refer to someone who is totally physically disabled. See also nervous wreck.)
I was a basket case when it came to interviews.
by Light Joker April 22, 2005

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