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1.A guy with a huge penis, every blonde girl loves a Basit and usually will cheat on her boyfriend so they can experience him. 2. A successful Boy that all girls love.
Girl:" I had the best time last night"
Friend:" What did you do?"
Girl: " I was with Basit!"
by Zeus87 January 10, 2012
An international superstar
"omgz, did you see that guy, he's such a basit"

by hiseeya April 07, 2008
Perfection. Wants to be the best at everything. Loyal as a dog, doesn't deserve all the crap he goes through. Tall, handsome and athletic, with an amazing character. Has a killer smile. Will take a bullet for his close friends and his family. Does not back down from any fight. Can be sadistic and violent with his enemies.
Omg did you see Basit today? I want him so bad, he has such a beautiful body!!!
Yo man, them men got Basit on their side! We can't win!
by rk1694 November 30, 2013