A person who levels up very quickly on a game for example Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
Did you hear that David Cameron bashed cod black ops 2!
He is a cod basher!
by Codbasher December 19, 2012
A chunk of weed of any size.
Yo Henry I'm skinning up pass me a basher or two.
by Xanderpanda April 24, 2012
The definition often applied to extreme laziness. Stemming back to Syndey Australia in approximately 1985, 'bashing' was the new word applied to lazy people. Usually taking a day off work or sitting around the house can be seen as 'bashing'.
Im going to be the biggest basher today

What are you doing basher!
by Rocker Rocker Rocker October 13, 2009
A hautian who bash es.
That basher doesn't have any teeth.
by pinano October 31, 2004
bollywood starlets (aka paki)
amit is a basher, he saw a corner and built a shop
by blaow April 27, 2005

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