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-noun, interjection (slang)
1a. Exclamation of frustration.
-noun, object (slang)
2a. An object or event that provides supreme satisfaction.
-noun, object (slang)
3a. Nipples with a phallic shape, resembling miniature penises.
1a. "Penis tits! I forgot to send my rent check in."
2a. "I just won the lottery! That's the penis tits!"
3a. "When that girl took her shirt off, she had some serious penis tits."
by VeX Kresh December 11, 2006
Someone who is so beyond useless its almost as if they have penises for tits!
Remove outer layer of clothing and any remaining undergarments only to reveal a set of male genitalia where normal humans would only have a pair of nipples, example "hey penistits what time is it?"
by clamscasino August 20, 2011
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