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People who play baseball (a great sport!)
Usually veryyyyyyyyyy hot and talented.
The best baseball player come from the Dodgers!
by DodgersChamps08!! October 06, 2008
A bunch of prostitutes. People that get paid a lot of money to score.
Oh, Brittany Spears is such a Baseball Player. I want to score with her.
by Elroy Gucciardi August 16, 2011
Lame individuals who never forget to wear they're baseball hats. Baseball players feel empty and insecure without something on their head. Sleeping, eating, jerking off, you name it they keep their hat on 24/7.
Also known to be extremely dumb(it is rumored the hat has something to do with it)
look around and pick one. they're everywhere. Baseball players in highschool/college fit this description the best.
by ChadBroChill666 April 01, 2009
People who play the sport of baseball. These people are dull ane perdictable because they play popular, well-known sports. They are known for having strong upper bodies and also for wish they had learned to play lacrosse.
"Hey man, lets go throw a little hard ball into our leather gloves!"
by Kyle Sherwood June 04, 2005
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