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To blame your inept performance on someone/something that had little to do with a negative outcome.
Although Mike claimed his poor round of golf was due to a bird chirping on his backswing on the second tee, we all knew his excuse was a bartman.
by Brett P. October 20, 2003
An Innocent act that seems to result in an unfortunate turn of events.
A joke that seems messes up a bowlers perfect game could be a Bartman. A Penalty that seems to be the turning point in the Stanley Cup finals could be a Bartman.
by paul March 10, 2004
To touch a foul ball and get blamed for your team losing the series even though the second baseman, who gets paid millions of dollars booted the next ball that could have ended the inning
Retarded Cubs Fan: Can you believe bartman touched that ball?

Smart Cubs Fan: Yea but we still could have won if we didn't boot the next play and then suck in the last game.
by haveyouseenmybaseball April 21, 2004
To inadvertently cause an epic disaster by an otherwise innocent act.
Thousands of people died in the North Atlantic when the captain of the Titanic pulled a Bartman.
by Alou October 22, 2003
the hero of all white sox fans
"I'm so glad that bartman took the ball so that the cubbies lost the NLCS!"
by Brian Elmore July 19, 2004
to reach for a foul ball and blow your team's chance to go to the world series for the first time since your grandpa was 8; to be Bill Buckner's best friend; to be a hero in Miami
He pulled a bartman on Alou
by schlong October 15, 2003
To change the outcome of the night without intention, or screwing someone over.
Dude, you totally pulled a Bartman with us last night. You did as much for us as Bartman did for the Cubs back in '03.
by joebooh2 May 02, 2007
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