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a very cool and funny person, often intelligent and good looking.
man steveo is so freaking bartlett, i wish i could be him
by John Friedmann November 24, 2006
The act of sticking your finger up someone's bum.
Johnson: Did u give her the bartlett?
Anon: You bet i did, smell my finger
Johnson: That's great mate....
by golftrip02 June 02, 2007
That kid just recited an entire friends episode, he is a fucking Bartlett.

Often used as an insult or to describe the runt of the litter.
by Colin Fudge March 12, 2012
anything small or insignificant, yet still annoying enough to get under your skin so that you define it
N.B. the only way to destroy someone this bad is by fire!
'hey look at that kid he is well bartlett'
'the iPod nano is bartlett'
by THE FACE! January 04, 2006
An academically disabled individual that is most always short in stature, being larger than a midget, yet shorter than the average human being.
I'm driving to work this morning and a fucking bartlett cuts me off. It could hardly see over the dash board.
by Willis Shepherd August 22, 2008
1a. a small irritating fever in human form, usually appears when not needed or wanted
1b. refers to something very small, or small in comparison to something else which is larger or better
both of the above definitions refer to a person in the north herts area who fits both criteria and the phrase was first donned by those who he believes to be his friends. WARNING: if you ever get into contact beware of the mood swings especially when he is having his period
whilst this may appear to be the slagging off of a particular person he has become so infamous that it a country wide term
2. a pear
1a. "does anyone actually like bartlett?"
"yes, i mean no"
1.b. "wow look at that that new year 7 he's well bartlett"
2. "Hmm I would have a bartlett if only it didn't remind me of a fag in the north herts area, even though i have not met the boy i already dislike him"
by the anti-bartlett January 02, 2006
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