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titty fucking a chick with your ass in her face.
boy did the bitch get pissed off when i gave her the dingleberry shuffle.
by valvespout August 04, 2005
group home or residence for the mentally disabled.
Man, when making a delivery to the tardyard, one of the dudes had shit himself
by valvespout August 04, 2005
ugly drunk women who always seems to be at the end of the bar. Will go home with anyone who has at least 5 dollars in pocket.
Erik took that fuckin bar rag home again! Is he still bangin that bar rag?
by valvespout August 04, 2005
the short bus. bus used to transport mentally or physically disabled persons
i got almost got run over by the disorient express in front of the tard yard!
by valvespout August 04, 2005
fucking the dog, screwing off, diddling the pooch.
would you quit the fornicanine and get your shit done?
by valvespout August 04, 2005
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