Pornographic material.
Dude mans... I LOVE barred VCR.

Man, fucking Steve still has barred VCR tape.

Dude, where did you get that barred?
by Steve the Mad Man January 02, 2006
Top Definition
Slang term for being under the influence of xanax.
I got so fucking barred last night I didn't remember a thing when I woke up.
by Chachi the Fighter January 26, 2012
to ignore, hate, dislike, be annoyed or angry at a person and thus shun them until you find their presence acceptable.
"no you were being a bitch, you're so toally barred"
"that's it you're barred, <explicite delete>"
by sarah bogan April 20, 2005
1. illegal, stupid, or it just describes something that might get you in trouble

2. can describe something that is stupid or lame.

The word comes from being in jail and bein behind "bars".
Dude... what we are doing is really barred.

That shirt is barred
by Jaytista June 09, 2009
Pornography of any kind... movies/mags/pics/ext.
-"what you doing when you get home"
-"watching Barred"
by Dan November 09, 2004
also 'bar'
disagreeing with someone or saying no. most commonly used in the byron bay region of Australia.
joe - "come party tonight bro!"
jim - "barred i'm too tired from last night."


josh - "stop hitting yourself! stop hitting yourself!"
ben - "BAR IT LADD!"
by rebit August 24, 2011
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