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Referring to somebody who is fat or large, be it physical or mental - such as intelligence. A person can be a bad barra, where they use their barra for wrong doing. The most famous barra is Barra Bulge and Barra Chegwin, who reside on the Wirral Peninsula.
'Oh you bad Barra'
'Dirty Barra'
'Barra Chegwin'
by Keegan the Welsh August 30, 2006
The second and third fingers are together in the vagina, while the thumb holds down the ring finger, as the pinky slips into the anus.
Oh man on Sunday I'm gonna barra this chick.
by Alexander "Rays" O'Rourke March 07, 2005
Barra is a movement of body to release sexual needs.or for fun.
To do the "barra" simply dryhump.
That is all.
Boy1: AH bai, lets Barra that bitch!

Boy2: Fuck yeah!
* Doing the Barra.*
by sMxy666 September 20, 2011
A guy who is always doing crazy stuff and is usually the life of the party. He is a popular guy and is usually found making out with a girl or drunk. Everybody wants to be a BARRA but nobody can be as cool as him. If you go to a party with BARRA you could wake up in another country.
Guy: That was an amazing party last night
Girl: Yeah you totally pulled a BARRA

Guy1: What happened last night? I woke up naked with some chick.
Guy2: Yeah we all did a BARRA. It was one craazy night.
by mRaWeSoMe2113 December 14, 2010
"Two in the pink one in the stink." The second and third fingers are together while the thumb holds down the ring finger, while slipping the pinky into the asshole.
Oh man I can't wait til Sunday man, I'm gonna barra this chick hardcore.
by Alexander "Rays" O'Rourke March 07, 2005
an overly expensive, antiquated risk management system popular with the old school quant crowd.
your portfolio is so weak it was probably built with Barra
by brain_quant July 06, 2005
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