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Actually C is a better language than C++. It is the fastest compiler language and it is slick in design. C++ is a shoddy attempt to retrofit C with the OOPS capabilities of Smalltalk. A task which it fails to achieve.
Don't worry Barnzey. C++ is as good an idea as trying to convert a nice wooden shed into a greenhouse, without losing the wooden shed.
by jonacapades. October 05, 2006

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argument. compilers high level languages oops
Barnzey, is a person that thinks that C pwnz C++ but it doesnt. He thinks this because he lives in a gay fantasie programming world with other C nerds.
im 1 leet mother frick, cause i program C!!!11111oneone
by w00 November 01, 2004
Barnzey is a faggot on Rohitab who thinks C is better than C++, therefore usually making an ass out of himself.
<barnzey> i like c
<everyone> c blows asshole
<barnzey> wwaah
by sekio November 01, 2004