The term barnyard refers to a state of being, or an action, that is ridiculous, or wild like a farm animal, anything that could be related to being wasted and making a fool of yourself etc.
Dude why did you invite that Trog to the party? Shes had 8 shots of vodka and is totally barnyard.
by Wolfpac January 25, 2010
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A woman who has multiple cocks inside of her, often a woman who takes part in a gangbang.
Damn check out that barnyard, she's got 5 cocks in her.
by dudeman11 April 13, 2008
A fucking dump of a facility. An area of mess or high clutter.
Wow this house is a fucking barnyard.
by Sick beauty June 17, 2011
a sick, really cool, awesome, radical, type thing. Barnyard is associated with awesome attitude, behavior, appearance and style. when you think of barnyard you think "wow, thats amazing."
ohmygosh that is the most barnyard move i have ever seen. could you teach me?
by enaj rekab February 17, 2011
Another word that is used for cheating on their partnet, it comes from a man who likes his animals more then their partner, who is a serial cheater
When a man cheats with with girlfriend he is doing a barnyard
by Mr C++ April 02, 2009
Referring to a women's foul smelling vagina resembling a hog lot.
When she dropped her panties her pussy was strait Barnyard.
by ronaldmexico April 24, 2008
Someone or something that is messy and/or smelly. Eating, behaving, or dressing like a pig or many other farm animals.
Ashley Durkin is sooo barnyard when she eats.
by Loreen July 29, 2007

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