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Rock 'n' Roll town in Lancs. Ccontains such legends as Tony "Tucker" Pollit, Brett "the hitman" Hartley, Matt Heald and Adam "the hooker" Wheeler.
I saw Tony "Tucker" in barnolsweek what a legend.Barnoldswick is way more hanging than scum bucket earby.
by matty hasan May 02, 2007
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Barnoldswick or 'Barlick' as it is known locally, is basically a small version of Colne.
Full of chavs that sit round all day claiming benefits and have more kids than teeth. 'Barlick' is home to the local legend Tony Tucker who thinks he's Elvis Presley and a guy called Graham who's known as 'Grezza'. Barnoldswick is full of 12 year olds who think they're 'ard. And spend their lives hanging 'down valleys' (Valley Gardens) or 'down vic' (Victory Park) or at 'youthy' (Youth Club). The small town only has one high school which has some of the worst GCSE results in Pendle.

I wish I could move out of this dump.

Now 'do one' as the youth of Barlick would say.
Kevin: Did you hear about Kate? She got a job as a litter picker because she had such bad GCSE's.
Bob: She must have gone to school in Barnoldswick.
by Erm nah May 27, 2015

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