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An extremely sonorous and prolongated release of air from the anal passage. In general, people of over 50 years of age are considered capable of achieving the resonance to achieve such a feat.
In the shower, a sound loud enough to drown out the sound of the showerhead and lasting at least ten seconds.
by John December 02, 2003
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1). A hideous gaseous odor resembling chewed cow cud and wet feces.

2). A human emission combined of all the smells that emanate from a horse's, pig's, sheep's, donkey's, and cow's anus.

3). A tangy fart that drops anyone in an instant. Flies are born out of thin air and simultaneously drop dead from the stench.
"I was walking down the hall and this chick had a goofy grin on her face. I had no idea what was coming until it hit me. She let out the stinkiest barn fart. I immediately blacked out."
by BarnFarter June 21, 2012
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