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The mythical substance used as a polish for wooden floors, for instance gyms in high school and college, that smells like vomit.
Ugggh, what a stiiink! They must've just put barfium on the gym floor!
by pentozali January 05, 2008
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the bat boy for the chicago white sox; anyone who listens to jello and is in love with him
Barfia collects bats and balls from the players.
by Mike Oxbyg April 09, 2003
Mold that looks like it was borne from your asscrack. The smell results in irrestible urge to barf in the nearest box you can find. I once found some in my refrigerator after winter break and i couldnt stop til i listened to some Jello Biafra the fatass speak about Gheorge Muresan's War on Terra.
You don't want to find barfia in your fridge.
by Dick Smoke April 09, 2003

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