The act of quietly scanning a crowded bar looking for table but not letting others know you are looking, therefore giving away the fact that you are their competition. Trying to avoid the "45 min wait" for table.
There is a 2 hour wait for a table. Suddenly I saw a table across the room but how do I get there without these other assholes seeing it too. Damn I've got good bardar. I just felt the empty table.
by john waldie March 10, 2007
Top Definition
an internal GPS of a sort which provides the uncanny and coveted ability to determine the location of the nearest bar.....
When traveling out of state, Paul called upon his bardar to lead the group to the local watering hole, "Murphys".
by sheila in the car November 15, 2009
Bardar is the name given to kanwaljeet singh in IITM in his first year by his seniors(POGO- in front of magga,hagga, sundance,milli,and jagtar).
Bardar is the most popular 2nd year guy of his hostel.his friends love him so much that they named the fresher who came to his room after him as KhaBARDAR.
by mandakini October 15, 2008
The ability to find a bar even if you don't have the foggiest clue where you are.
J - Where are we at? I'm lost.
V - I don't know, but use your bardar, I need a drink!
by the porcupine October 11, 2009
the one. to be the uberest of the uber.
man i wish i was a bardar
by boop June 09, 2003
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