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3 definitions by boop

the one. to be the uberest of the uber.
man i wish i was a bardar
by boop June 09, 2003
It's used more often than not as
"You're mom, bitch" but it's actual meaning is
"You're mom, whore" since perra is bitch, and puta means whore.
Meathead: "You're a fucking faggot, dude"
Annoyed person: "Tu madre, puta"
Meathead: *looks confused*

by boop March 02, 2005
It's often used as
"You're mom, bitch"
but this is incorrect, because puta means whore, where as
"Tu madre, perra"
would be okay, because perra means bitch.


"Your mom, whore"
Meathead: You're a fucking faggot, dude.
Annoyed person. Tu madre, puta. Chinga.
by boop March 02, 2005