a 100% fake roll model known as a blonde doll that is annorexic, has oversized plastic boobs and proves you can do anything while wearing heels. Lives in a pink dream home and drives her freakin' pink car, making little girls think that youh can live a dream life even if your blonde and cant remember what you did last night at the club.
Also teaches little girls who to be sluts at very young ages.
hunny your soo fake youh make barbie look real.
by iamamazing94949 April 07, 2008
The plastic blonde bimbo that captures the hearts of many young girls. She can get her way with anything. She appearently has the greatest boyfriend on earth, the greatest sisters, a new car every week, a new house, including a pool, every month, and even her very own mermaid clone. ect...
I want to be just like Barbie! That bitch has everything!
by Timbolicious January 15, 2008
A Paris Hilton wannabe,plastic,or fake (A.K.A.) a "Prep"
"That's sooo hot, "Ohh emmm geee look at that barbie"
by atleastgivemeabreak123 August 06, 2007
Barbie is a plastic doll made by mattel.
She has shown no morals, no values, and has posioned the minds and lessened the self esteam of our young girls since the 1930's.

Let us review.

1. Girls believe they must have a TINY waist like this doll, because, barbie is the perfect girl, correct?
2. Girls belive they must have large breasts, because, barbie is the perfect girl, correct?
3. Girls believe they MUST be blonde, preppy, and popular to have any hope in their lives.
4. Girls belive boyfriends must be Ken-like or that-new-surfer-guy-like.
5. If barbie is so DANG popular. why do you have to BUY her friends?

Barbie should NOT be the "standard" for our young girls.
Girl 1 :Hey!!! Lets play barbies!
Girl 2 :Uh.. i'd rather not.. im reading Harry Potter.
Girl 1 :You're such a freak
Girl 2: O.o

Girl 1 will go nowhere in life.
by vicvic30 April 13, 2007
Basic Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everybody
nicki minaj -"Its Barbie Bitch"
by Elfresh January 24, 2010
Popular doll aimed at young girls, first debuted in the mid-50's. Barbie has many different roles, from Doctor to Teacher to Astronaut, and they even had a President Barbie.

There are also accessories galore for Barbie, including cars, houses, clothes, limos, pools and hot tubs, and much more. A good choice for young girls to play with because, unlike Bratz, Barbie has a more mature outlook.

Also, girls who play with Barbie are more likely to be intelligent, creative, and less inclined to try sex or other such stuff.
A lot of people collect Barbie, and some dolls sell on Ebay for thousands of dollars.
by Lomia November 30, 2006
A drone that is obsessed with Nicki Minaj and believes that she created everything. They can be spotted by overdosing on pink, rocking bangs that cover their eyebrows, attempting to speak with an English accent, batting their lashes like idiots and writing "team minaj" on everything.
From an internet post:

MinajBarbie4Ever - "Nicki Minaj is the best rapper in history, she invented rap! Everything about her is real, she's never had ass injections! It's BARBIE BITCH!!!"

All replies to this post - Kill yourself you fuckin idiot.
by DevaKTA June 01, 2011

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