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1. nonsense that is ridiculous, absurd, outlandish.

2. nonsensical banter

3. an exclaimation / interjection used in frusteration or amazement or any situation really.

4. a donovan song in which he names an angel & himself "barabajagal"
1. "i didn't get any of that dude. that was barabaagal."

2. "you're a schneigalschnoggler !"
"you're a schnooglerschneigler !"
"what barabajagal."

3. "oh, barabajagal !"

4. "She took, she took a little sip while this song he sang:
Goo goo, goo goo Barabajagal was my name now.
by marissa ! April 03, 2006
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