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When someone in a gaming forum (e.g. NSider, GameFAQs, IGN, etc.) posts links to gaming websites that are inappropriate or for mature people in the forum (e.g.,,, rom websites, etc.)
Forum Member: *After 4999 minutes being banned was over, Forum Member puts in a mature-rated weblink.*

Forum Moderator: *Banned Forum Member again.*

Forum Member: NNNOOO!!! D:<

Narrator of X-Play: YOU LOSE...AGAIN!

Kool-Aid Man: OH YEAH!
by frodaddy March 22, 2005
17 30
Something that occures while pissing off a server administrator.
admin: "who thinks this server is cool?"
person: not me
admin has banned person.
by anonymous August 23, 2003
152 57
verb - usually permantently disallowed from a gaming/irc/chat/forum server for doing something completely dispicable.
/ctcp (Insert Server Bot here)
You must set your firewall to allow port 59 to use this server.
(Kizza) Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!!111
(Insert Server Bot here) You are banned from my server, Idiots do not use my server.
Kizza banned from server (Reason: For being an idiot)

True Story ;-)
by Kizza February 05, 2005
63 36
what happens to meso all the time
meso: "fuck you turd nugget"
admin: BANNED
by love the ban.. October 18, 2008
17 17
A term used by people of LUE when someone posts something retarded or worthy of moderation.
"WAAAAHH! I got detention for beating a kid up"
by dj gs68 July 07, 2003
6 7
banned is a uniqe word, not just another word for NO, it can also mean fucked, not cool, blocked,not alowed,rejected and most other words associated with the word no, piss off, get fucked ect . mainly said in light hearted hummor situations
well.... i tried joining the sever but i got temp banned
mate: oi man you owe me money mate2: what the banned?
fag:oi man im the best! me: nah mate your fucking banned
"i heard your gay chris......thats banned dude"

by Salvino June 12, 2007
28 34
When something is extremly WRONG and unnacceptabl, illegal, bad, perverse, etc.

For example if someone likes the idea of massaging their cats udders, that would be BANNED!
Example 1
Person 1: "Hmmm I like Rupert Grint, his ginger hair is so sexy!"

Person 2: "Arg, thats wrong, ginger hair is banned!"

Example 2:

Person 1: "Hmmm doesn't my cat look sexy licking her buttons"
Person 2: "That's BANNED!"
by Jaythanual the second December 06, 2009
9 17
meso: i like pie
by meso is banned October 18, 2008
4 16